NCCDP Seminars Coronavirus Information


As the number of confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) increases across the United States, the NCCDP finds it necessary to offer all NCCDP seminars for the next six weeks (and possibly longer) online. THIS PERTAINS TO NCCDP CORPORATE CLASSES TAUGHT BY NCCDP CORPORATE TRAINERS. (All other registrants must check with their instructor on the scheduling of their seminar).

NCCDP hosted seminars will still take place on the day and time as scheduled, however, registered participants will receive detailed login instructions (which include needing a laptop/desktop and headset) to participate live/online.

For anyone wishing to attend the ADDC online seminars, due to the National crisis, there are no distance restrictions. Contact the listed online trainers who have seminars posted and register directly with the approved online trainer.

Please fax in applications to 9738602244. 

The notary requirement is waived, instead please have someone or family member witness your signature. 

The witness will write on the application notary page:

  • Witness and date 
  • Full name 
  • Signature
  • Contact email
  • Contact Mailing address 
  • Contact Phone number