What Are the Benefits of Certification for the Memory Care Neighborhood?

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Since NCCDP’s inception in 2003, the NCCDP is recognized as the global leader in the delivery of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia care state of the art curriculum, dementia certification, staff in-services, memory care neighborhood consultation and dementia information. The NCCDP has set the global standards for compassionate dementia care delivered by dementia educated and certified health care professionals and frontline staff working in the health care industry. These industries include, but are not limited to: nursing homes, assisted living communities, home care agencies, hospice agencies, adult day care centers, hospitals, senior centers, 55+ communities, associations, government agencies and learning institutions.

The NCCDP team has the experience, knowledge and expertise in the area of dementia care to provide knowledgeable and seasoned evaluators to assess your dementia program. NCCDP was founded by professionals whose extensive backgrounds includes; administrators, dementia unit managers, dementia unit consultants, social work consultants, recreation consultants and nurse consultants.

The process for certification is lengthy. Why take the time and effort to go through this process? This is a prestigious certification that exemplifies your outstanding achievement in delivery of dementia services.

From a marketing perspective, the number one reason is this: customers want companies that strive for excellence in service and delivery. Thanks to the internet, your customers are educated and savvy. By the time these customers walk through your door, they have done their homework and know a lot about your company. They have identified your competitors. By meeting the NCCDP’s standards of excellence for service and delivery, you will far exceed all the minimal government and federal regulations (as applicable). You will be the paradigm of exemplary dementia care.

Certification is a mark of distinction, prestige and achievement. Companies that meet our standards offer the highest level of services. These companies:

  • Are recognized for superior standards and exceptional services.
  • Exceed the minimal state regulations and implement the most innovative practices.
  •  Focus on a person-centered care model.
  •  Provide extensive education to employees and families regarding communicative difficulties and behavioral issues, so that they may anticipate the customers’ needs, identify their unmet needs and respond to these unmet needs by identifying the underlying causes that contribute to disruptive behaviors.
  • Have tools and resources to evaluate customers’ needs for antipsychotic medications and are able to offer alternative non-pharmacological interventions.
  • Are dedicated to quality improvement, and utilize multidisciplinary methodologies to continually improve and provide quality services.
  • Have implemented policies and procedures to meet the consummate standards of the NCCDP.
  • Offer commendably safe and comfortably soothing environments that minimize fall risks and elopement. This, in turn, encourages customer independence.
  • Have dementia specific activity programs designed to meet each customers’ cognitive and functional abilities, past pursuits, lifestyles, spiritual needs and personal habits. These activities include: clergy-led gatherings, intergenerational and community groups, visits from pet therapy organizations and family events.
  • Offer meals and adaptive devices that are tailored to each person’s likes, tastes and functional capabilities.
  • Have trained and certified professionals conducting initial interviews, assessments and compassionate hands on care.


There are tremendous benefits for companies who attain this prestigious certification:

  • The company will attract skilled and qualified employees, decreasing staff turnover.
  • The company will be acknowledged by the community for their altruistic ethics and practices.
  • The company’s reputation will become renowned and respected because of its commitment to provide services based upon superior standards.
  • The company will see an increase in customer satisfaction surveys and a decrease in complaints.
  • The company will be known for providing dementia education to referral sources and community caregivers.
  • The company will be known for its involvement in community resources, support groups and referrals that assist the caregivers.


Your employees are the backbone of your company. Without your employees you have no company. The overwhelming benefits to the employees are many:

Job satisfaction will become intrinsic, due to their extensive on-the-job training. Their education includes: comprehensive dementia care curriculum, LBGTQ, person-centered care, spiritual and ethical concerns, cultural diversity issues, and mental health training. Continuing education is an investment in your staff that empowers them. They will become more empathetic and better understand your customers’ needs.

A sense of value. The company’s investment in staff licenses, certifications and CDP certifications demonstrates to the employee the value the company places on certification and advancement.

Empowerment. The employee who meets the company’s expectations by delivering quality service to its customers will give their best every day.

Motivation. Employees are motivated by companies who exceed minimum state regulations, as they will be proud to work for a company that esteems patient-centered care.
Innovation. Employees like working for companies that utilize innovative practices and procedures.

Employee retention. Employees will stay with companies when they are challenged and valued.

Job security. Employers are able to recruit a higher caliber of employees and experience less turnover when they offer opportunities for education, certification and advancement. This adds to the existing employee’s job satisfaction.

Bottom line: employees are proud to work for an organization that is respected in the community!


The MCNC Memory Care Neighborhood Commendation Certification indicates that the facility in question has complied with the criteria set by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners for such Certification.  It does not indicate that the facility has or will meet the criteria for compliance with governmental requirements.

The Memory Care Neighborhood Commendation Certification indicates that the facility in question has complied with the criteria set by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners for such Certification.  The certification is based on information provided by the facility and a one time visit by NCCDP.  At most, the Certification indicates that the facility appeared to be in compliance with NCCDP’s criteria for Memory Care Neighborhood Commendation  Certification on the date of the inspection.  There is a renewal process but no site inspection occurs unless the renewal application suggests a need for an on site inspection.  Accordingly, NCCDP disclaims all liability for and knowledge of the compliance of the facility with NCCDP requirements after the date of such visit by NCCDP to the facility.